Our 2024 ESDF Showcase

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Part One – May 9th, 2024 – 7pm

Part Two – May 10th, 2024 – 7pm

Parent Engagement

BREAKING NEWS! The first 100 parents or guardians to sign up and attend our Parent Engagement session at 5pm on either May 9th or May 10th will receive one free ticket for the showcase that night! That is 100 free tickets EACH night!

Parents and Guardians register for the Parent Engagement session now so you don’t miss out!


Thank you to all of our amazing parents for their support!

Important info: As a supporting parent of a dancer with ESDF, check back soon for important information that YOU  will want to know.

In addition, being a supporting parent means special perks so stay tuned!

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ESDF Scholarships & Bursaries

Do you want to receive a scholarship or bursary for the 2024 season? 

Bursaries give you the opportunity through a written submission to share your involvement within your dance community for a cash prize. 

In addition, community partners have genrously donated scholarships in the form of classes and training opportunities within the city and are looking for you to submit a video reel demonstrating your dance ability.

All applications and video submissions are due Friday April 12, 2024 at 4pm.

Don’t miss your chance to win!

To apply for scholarships and bursaries, please click the links below! 

Become A Community Partner

Help us, help the students by becoming a community partner! Contact us for more details and we’ll show you how you can be a part of changing the lives of so many of our deserving youth!

“East Side was a major part of my time in High School.  The training I recieved from all of the different dance choreographers and teachers helped me to become not only better at dance, but to better understand what trainging programs were being offered once I left high school.”

Giving back to her community is important to Prudence and now, she has come back to her local high school to teach traditional African dance to the younger students, giving them the inspiration they need to believe in themselves and their talent.

Prudence Nabila

Former Participant


The Eastside Dance Festival has partnered with the University of Calgary and the First in Family agency to promote post secondary education for dancers in our festival’s participating schools in a project we are calling ESDF+. Check out the incredible opportunities our dancers have the opportunity to partake in! Click the link below for more details

Contact Us

Contact us for the latest updates, news and important information throughout the year.  There is a lot that goes on here at ESDF and the society and its board members are here to answer your questions.

Don’t forget to email us to register your school for the upcoming festival!