Do you want to be the next recipient of our ESDF bursaries? You could be the recipient of $200, $300 or $500. Check out the criteria below to see how to apply!

East Side Dance Festival has a goal to create an inclusive community where diversity, creativity, growth and inspired life-long learning are celebrated through the art of dance. Dancers currently attending qualifying schools have the wonderful opportunity to apply for an East Side Dance Festival bursary that could go towards future dance training. All applications are reviewed by East Side Dance Festival advisory board members who will then select the successful applicants based on the specified criteria. 

Think You Got What It Takes?Deadline to apply is April 7th, 2023 by 4:00pm!

Do you want to be seen? Do you want to receive scholarships for the
2023/24 season?

We have some very generous donors looking for some very talented dancers! To apply for scholarships, please submit a video and fill out some information about your plans and ambitions for next years training outside of school. If selected, you may be contacted for follow-up questions. Please ensure your email address is one you check often. Winners will be announced at ESDF on May 10th and 11th.

Please Read Carefully: Video Criteria – Submit a 30-45 second video reel of your best and most versatile dance styles.  This can be a one-take or a mash-up as seen in this example: Mash-up Dance Video Example.

  1. Please provide appropriate music as a track.
  2. Ensure you are showcased and identifiable in all dance selections.
  3. Ensure you are available for scholarship opportunities and will us them.
  4. Display your name, age and school in text as a title card before the start of your video reel.

Think You Got What It Takes?

Deadline to apply is April 21st, 2023 by 4:00pm!