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Congratulations to our 2020 ESDF Bursary Recipients!
East Side Dance Festival has a goal to create an inclusive community where diversity, creativity, growth and inspired life-long learning are celebrated through the art of dance. Dancers currently attending qualifying schools had the wonderful opportunity to apply for an East Side Dance Festival bursary of $250 or more that could go towards future dance training. There were 14 bursaries available. All applications were reviewed by East Side Dance Festival board members who then selected successful applicants based on the specified criteria. Congratulation to the following recipients of the Gold, Silver and Bronze level bursaries for the 2020 season!

Gold Bursary Recipients

Silver Bursary Recipients

Bronze Bursary Recipients

Thank you to all who applied this year. Keep on dancing!

MPD 2021

Most Promising Dancers from 2021Annually, two students from each school are selected as the “Most Promising Dancers“. These individuals are chosen as the most likely to pursue further education and work in the dance industry based on their passion, rigour and talent. Check back soon for our MPD 2021!

MPD 2021

East Side Remembers – Brittany Meszaros

November 23, 1995 – April 27, 2020

East Side Dance Festival Society remembers Brittany Meszaros as part of the East Side Dance Festival community.  She participated in the first East Side Dance Festival in 2013 with the Lester B. Pearson extracurricular dance club.  Dancing always brought her joy as it gave her a sense of belonging which forged her friendships, that lasted beyond her high school years, and helped to grow her self-confidence.  She developed a passion for dance at a young age and started taking dance lessons. She continued her dance journey through taking classes in high school and participated in extracurricular opportunities there.  Brittany unexpectedly passed away on April 27, 2020 in Calgary, AB, and with this sudden passing, our hearts grieve for losing a member of our community and for the family and friends of this special individual.  She will be remembered greatly for the positivity she beamed and her love of dancing with her team.


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